Arrow is beautiful 18-month-old Shepherd/Husky mix.  He loves playing in the yard and makes no escape attempts either over or under the wrought iron fence, in fact after playing for a bit he wants right back inside… he has taken to the comfy life!

Arrow is working on his commands and leash training; he is very smart and a quick learner. He is incredibly sweet and loves all the attention. He will play all day long if you are involved, he just wants to be with his people. We are enjoying the fun, sweet, playful boy Arrow has become.
Because of Arrows ability to climb a chain link fence his new home will need to have a different type of fencing. Currently his yard is a wrought iron fence and that has been perfect.

Click the link below to get more information or email the rescue directly at  More information may be seen on their Facebook page, Land of the Dog Rescue.  

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